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Do you have a formalized, standard sales process that is being used consistently? It is vital that you have a formalized, standard sales process that is communicated to everyone involved in sales or sales support and that it is being used by all. According to the Harvard Business Review, there is an 18% difference between companies that defined a formal sales process and those that didn’t. Sales people who follow a proven sales process are better focused and better able to move their buyers along the buying journey.

Adherence and consistency using a standardized formal sales process results in 26% more revenue per sales conversation with a 21% better conversion rate.

Another tool that may not be used effectively is a pipeline (or sales funnel). Sales pipelines are the beating heart of your business. Bad pipelines, whether they be smoke and mirrors or poorly managed, are like a bad heart, always in danger of killing you. Sales managers need to help their sales people manage their pipelines to move opportunities up, following the sales process defined by your company.

Program solutions that will help your organization grow revenue.


Sales Process Development or Review

Custom consulting to develop a sales process built around your company goals and culture
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The Sales Leader Manager

A program that helps sales leaders provide the leadership and management that their sales team needs to grow
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Coaching the Counselor Salesperson

Skills specific to coaching the counselor skills of Counselor Salesperson (CSP)
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Leading for Performance: Coaching for Performance

A coaching process for any and all sales skills
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Sales Leader Navigator

A 360-degree survey that identifies areas for development and improvement as well as areas of strength
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These programs can be customized to reflect your sales environment and business priorities, and integrated with your sales process.

We can help you reach your revenue goals through sales management training

Strategic Enhancement Group has been helping salespeople learn the skills to be able to differentiate since 1984. We can help you and your sales team learn what they need to be successful growing their sales.
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