We are committed to offering superior programs and services, using tools from the best resources available. We tap a global network of world class consultants and facilitators with strong business backgrounds to address our clients’ needs.

Sales Training

Selling is more than a technique, or a set of techniques. It is a process. But more importantly, it is a process executed from the buyer’s perspective.

A well trained sales team can generate new sales as well as expand opportunities in existing clients, which can lead to huge returns for a company. The better trained the team is, the better the results. A strong sales team becomes a competitive advantage for your company. The caliber of the salesperson in a B2B environment is the most important factor in influencing a prospect’s decision to buy.

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Sales Leadership Development

Sales leader development is the process of preparing people to be good sales leaders and managers who can effectively optimize their sales teams' performance to grow the organization's revenues. Critical to a company reaching its goals is equipping sales leaders with the skills to effectively manage key sales functions and manage and motivate salespeople to reach greater level of personal, team and organizational success.

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Sales Coaching

Sales coaching is an intentional, collaborative process that involves an experienced person, ideally the sales manager, supporting a sales rep in achieving specific professional goals and teaching and reinforcing relevant skills, tactics and techniques.

Sales coaching is all about taking an active role in developing their people to be the best they can be. It is what a good sales manager does to help their sales people grow and achieve success.

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Global Sales Effectiveness

Global sales compentencies involve the knowledge and skills individuals need to successfully sell in our interconnected world. This means being able to recognize and truly understand cultural differences, reconcile and leverage cultural differences for business advantage in other parts of the world and speak the language or enlist the help of an interpreter.

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Management and Leadership Development

Our distinguished leadership and
management development solutions
empower your organization to deliver
strategic results.

We are capable of supporting the leadership initiatives you already have in place or building new systems that will help you diagnose the critical leadership competencies that will prepare your organization for the future.

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Non-Profit Services

Fund raising is more than a technique, or set of techniques. It is a process.

But more importantly, it is a process executed from the donor's perspective. The exceptional fund raiser understands that people want you to help them give, not be be solicited. They are consultative, understanding their donors well enough to match the mission and goals of their organization with those of their donors. They are also strategic, landing donors whose commitments bring stability and growth to their organization. They keep a good balance between meeting the needs of their supporters and advancing the business of their own organization.

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