Management and Leadership Development with Strategic Enhancement Group

Management and Leadership Development

Our distinguished leadership and
management development solutions
empower your organization to deliver
strategic results.

We are capable of supporting the leadership initiatives you already have in place or building new systems that will help you diagnose the critical leadership competencies that will prepare your organization for the future.

We have expertise in global leadership development, strategic planning, interpersonal communications, and personalized development plans based on 360° feedback. Our Performance Enhancement Process can include any or all of these components.

We are experts in:


Planning for today and the future

  • Strategic Planning Sessions

Identifying the skills required to effectively lead and manage

  • Define Leadership Competencies and Behaviors that will Drive Strategy
  • Strategic Job Focusing Sessions

Assessing the levels of proficiency in the right skills and acquiring the right people

  • Gap Analysis
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Development Plans for Various Job Categories
  • 360 Assessment
  • Pre and post course skill surveys

Enhancing skills for today and the future

  • Pre-course executive overview and communication strategy
  • Executive Level
    • Executive Leadership
    • Team Leadership
    • Strategic and Collaborative Leadership
  • Mid Level
    • Performance Management
    • Leading and Managing Change
    • Team Effectiveness
    • Leading Virtual Teams
    • Versatility
    • Creativity and Innovation
    • Global Effectiveness
    • Negotiating
    • Presentation Skills
    • Understanding the Dual Role of Leader and Manager
    • Managing Performance
  • Supervisory Level
    • Discovering the Leader Within Each of Us
    • Increase Business Acumen
    • Supervisory Skills
    • Managing Performance
  • Custom programs

Providing support, feedback and follow up to get a strong ROI for your training investment

  • Executive Coaching
  • Tools for Skill Reinforcement
  • On-the-Job Skill Practice
  • Best Practice Webinars
  • Refresher programs

Taking stock of success from your investment in training and development, we can help you measure at four levels

  1. Course Evaluations
  2. Attitude Change
  3. Behavior Change
  4. Business Impact

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