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Confidence matters, especially when it comes to increasing sales. Confidence comes in having the right skills to be effective with customers, knowing the value to your customers of your offering and it comes with experience. 

To emphasize the importance of sales training to get the right skills and learn the value of your offering, here’s what the Huffington Post says about companies who invest in training: they can see 24% higher profit margins. Training is the most direct way to improve sales performance.

An unsure sales person could, without meaning to, project a lack of confidence in their offering, causing the buyer to doubt if it is any good. On the other hand, the most confident of sales people could “sell ice to Eskimos”!

Program solutions that will help your organization grow revenue through sales training.

Job Analysis

Define the most important requirements of a role to ensure that you’re making the right hiring decisions
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Sales Navigator

A 360-degree survey that looks at the competencies required to succceed in sales
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Sales Process Development

Deliver tailored solutions and value through a defined sales process
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Coaching the Counselor Salesperson™

Skills specific for coaching the counselor skills of Couselor Salesperson
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Foundation Sales Skills

Counselor Prospecting™

A method for identifying and qualifying prospects to make prospecting more productive
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Counselor Salesperson™

Help your salespeople transition from simply making transactions to solving real business problems.
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Versatile Salesperson™

Plan strategies to improve your versatility through applying style modification skills in business situations.
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Time and Territory Management

Ways to prioritize your time and travel to be more efficient
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Mastering Presentations

Learning how to be concise and compelling when making presentations
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Mastering Virtual Presentations

Using technology to make sales calls and presentations
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Inbound Sales Excellence

Sales skills for call center salespeople
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Advanced Sales Skills

Turning Information into Sales™

A questioning protocol to learn more about the organization that can help you to be a trusted advisor
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Negotiating to Yes™

Negotiating to create solutions where all parties feel like their needs are being met and the relationship is even better
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Sales Advantage Series: Conducting Strategic Business Calls: Discovering Critical Success Factors™

Getting to the C-Suite to discuss, from their point of view what is critical for the organization to meet its objectives
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Sales Advantage Series: Creating Differentiated Offerings™

Learning about ways you can add value that help the customer meet their objectives
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Strategic Sales Skills

Sales Advantage Series: Aligning with Customer Buying Behaviors™

Learning how to analyze your customers so taht you are spending your time with those who will be most loyal and spend more with you
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Sales Advantage Series: Managing Competition™

Looking at the competition for opportunities and creating strategies to win
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Sales Advantage Series: Managing Decisions™

Understanding the decision-making process and strategizing on how to get to the right people involved in the process
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Sales Advantage Series: Managing Opportunities™

Assessing opportunities to make sure that they are ones you want to win and that they are good for your company
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Sales Opportunity Snapshot

Sales Opportunity Snapshot™

A strategic process for evaluating the opportunity, analyzing the competition, understanding your strengths against theirs and developing a strategy to win
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These programs can be customized to reflect your sales environment and business priorities, and integrated with your sales process.

We can help you reach your revenue goals through sales training.

Strategic Enhancement Group has been helping salespeople learn the skills to be able to differentiate since 1984. We can help you and your sales team learn what they need to be successful growing their sales.
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