Customer Retention Solutions

One of the easiest ways to improve revenue is to increase the spend of your current customers. The relationship you have with your existing customers is key to them continuing to buy from you. If they feel under-appreciated or abandoned, they will soon abandon you. All the work spent in trying to get a new customer in this case only just makes up for the lost business; that is if you win the new business.

It is hard to increase revenue if you have a revolving door of clients.

One of the biggest challenges that salespeople have is following up. Today the number of sales calls needed to close a sale is more than doubled what it was just five years ago. This follow up is especially critical in a longer sales cycle. Most sales people stop their follow up once the sale is closed. Some sales people quit calling on prospective buyers too early. Both of these actions hurt future sales and stifle growth.

Program solutions that will help your organization increase customer retention.

Counselor Salesperson

A consultative sales process that provides the customer value at every point and keeps your relationship with your clients up to date and you informed
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Versatile Salesperson

Strategies to help you have more effective communication that build better relationships
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Turning Information into Sales

A questioning protocol that helps you and your buyer stay on top of current issues within the organization and be a more strategic problem solver
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Sales Advantage Series: Conducting Strategic Business Calls: Discovering Critical Success Factors™

How to conduct strategic calls with the C-Suite to determine the company's major challenges that will inform your solutions
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Coaching for Performance

Offers first-line and mid-level managers coaching skills and techniques to create the conditions under which employees can succeed
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Coaching Counselor Salesperson

Providing support to develop the skills that will result in more sales
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These programs can be customized to reflect your sales environment and business priorities, and integrated with your sales process.

We can help you reach your revenue goals by improving customer retention.

Strategic Enhancement Group has been helping salespeople learn the skills to be able to differentiate since 1984. We can help you and your sales team learn what they need to be successful growing their sales.
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