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Selling today seems to be more complicated than ever before. But is it? There are books and programs written about how to be more strategic, how to partner with clients, how to influence the buyer’s decision. You can’t do any of these, unless your buyer lets you. It’s that simple.

Selling is more than a technique, or set of techniques. It is a process. But more importantly, it is a process executed from the buyer’s perspective. Too many times, sales people approach their prospects and clients with their own set objectives. When the prospect or client doesn’t respond, they are confused. After all, that is what they’ve been taught to do. What they don’t understand is, if the buyer doesn’t trust you, you aren’t going to get past the ‘hello’s”. And if the client’s agenda doesn’t match the salesperson’s objectives then it doesn’t matter how well they learned those techniques, they aren’t going to work.

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People will not buy from sellers they believe do not have the buyer’s best interests in mind. Nor will customers willingly share important information about their problems, needs or goals unless they believe that the salesperson has the ability to help them."

Win Win Selling

The exceptional salesperson understands that people want you to help them buy, not to be sold. They focus on their client’s behavior to understand where they are in the buying process and adapt their “selling” to meet the client there. They are consultative, understanding their clients well enough to provide value and a competitive advantage. They have the attitude that they are here to help the client and they focus on meeting their needs and solving problems.

The exceptional sales person also is aware of the types of business they bring into their own organization. Acting as a strategist, they ask questions. If I win this business will it be profitable? Will it lead to more strategic business? What kind of resources will it require? They keep a good balance between meeting the needs of their clients and advancing the business of their own organization.

The exceptional sales person is versatile in their interpersonal communications.

They understand that people communicate differently and that sometimes they need to adapt their own style of communicating to be more effective. Not only with their clients but also with those who support their work.

The exceptional sales person understands how their product or service can help clients solve problems. They work to understand their client’s needs so they can advocate solutions that will work better than the competitions’. They know how to position their solution to gain the most competitive advantage, matching the solution to the client’s desired outcomes.

The exceptional sales person understands that their own development is a process of moving ever closer to building strategic business-to-business relationships with their clients. They seek feedback and coaching from their managers. They continue to focus on improving their own skills to be able to bring ever more value to their clients.

Strategic Enhancement Group has the experience and expertise to help your organization bridge the gap between your business goals and sales performance.

We can help:

  • Diagnose the critical skills your sales team needs to meet sales objectives
  • Measure your sales team’s current level of effectiveness and provide development plans to move them forward
  • Select sales people who will perform successfully within the context of your organization’s sales strategies
  • Develop strategies for targeting and prospecting for the ideal client
  • Sales people understand the “buying process” and learn ways to help buyers buy
  • Sales people learn how to determine which clients they can partner with and how to profitably deploy resources
  • Sales people use principled negotiations that reinforce client relationships and provide win-win solutions
  • Sales people make presentations that are clear, compelling and concise
  • Sales managers provide sales coaching that help their sales team produce results

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