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Rona Hardt

Project Manager

Rona brings experience in numerous industries including Incentive Market Distribution, Events, and Not-for-Profit. She has held roles in Management, Purchasing and Marketing and has over 13 years of Customer Service experience. Every role Rona has held has increased her knowledge and intuition on customer’s needs and wants and brings an enthusiasm for helping people to SEG. Rona graduated from Northern Illinois University in 2009 with a B.A. degree in Corporate Communications.

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I have always believed that if you put your customers first and make sure you are going above and beyond, you will not only succeed in business but you will succeed in life. I love that SEG is so passionate about helping people succeed in business and personal development. It’s not everyday that you see a group of people with only the customer and clients best interests at heart, and to me that’s a truly special thing.”

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