Selling on Value Solutions

If there seems to be a lot activity around creating proposals only to have them go nowhere, it’s worth taking a closer look at the reasons why they go nowhere. If your sales people have a difficult time connecting the value of your product or service to what the customer values, all that work will be in vain.

If your sales people can’t articulate the unique selling proposition that makes them stand out from their competition, they become one of many options that all look the same to the buyer. 

This too becomes a missed opportunity. Since there is only so much time in the day, and time is spent on proposals that go nowhere, other revenue generating activities fall by the wayside. And as a result, revenue declines.

Program solutions that will help your organization sell on value.

Counselor Salesperson™

A sales process that brings value to the buyer in every interaction, creating the foundation for what comes next
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Turning Information into Sales

A questioning protocol that helps you understand their business so you can position your solution to create greater value based on that knowledge
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Sales Advantage Series: Conducting Strategic Business Calls: Discovering Critical Success Factors™

Meeting with and learning from the C-Suite point of view, what is important to the company for success
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Creating Differentiated Offerings

Learning how your buyers shop, buy, use or dispose of your products or services and determining where you can bring more value
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These programs can be customized to reflect your sales environment and business priorities, and integrated with your sales process.

We can help you reach your revenue goals

Strategic Enhancement Group has been helping salespeople learn the skills to be able to differentiate since 1984. We can help you and your sales team learn what they need to be successful growing their sales.
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