SEG’s Commitment to Success at Greater Twin Cities United Way.

United Way Finds Success through Relationship Building.

The Challenge

The increasing number of nonprofits had caused 10 consecutive years of decline in annual donors despite being the second largest United Way in the country.

The Solution

In partnering with Strategic Enhancement Group, Greater Twin Cities United Way implemented the following:

1. Introduced the Counselor Salesperson (CSP) process to a small group of managers first and then to the remaining staff several months later.

2. Adjusted their approach to a discovery process designed to isolate critical client values, goals, and interests based on a series of probing questions.

3. Identified reinforcement and recognition opportunities for working with individual consultants to fine-tune their skills.

The Outcome

1. The staff now shares a common language that allows them to address issues more efficiently, all working from the same foundation.

2. The CSP discipline helped managers identify critical skills and training gaps, which is reflected in the group’s hiring process.

3. Consultants now spend the majority of their workday visiting donors instead of time in the office doing paperwork, administrative tasks, and responding to telephone requests.
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Bill Marsella
- Senior Donor Consultant, United Way
A lot of people and organizations are pulling at these donors. If we can keep them and their families engaged in United Way’s activities by showing how our vision supports their personal interests, we’ll go a long way toward building loyalty. That’s at the heart of the Counselor Sales approach.”
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