Building A Tradition of Excellence at Wolters Kluwer Health.

A Commitment to Customers.

The Challenge

Wolters Kluwer Health resolved to find a competitive advantage that would distinguish it from the competition. They looked inside the organization and found the edge they were looking for – a commitment to customers that, if properly harnessed, could become the company’s trademark.

The Solution

In partnering with Strategic Enhancement Group, Wolters Kluwer Health accomplished the following results:

1. Recognized as a leader in customer responsiveness.

2. Cultural change by focusing on the customer at all levels of the organization.

3. Requires all new sales and customer service employees to complete either Counselor Sales Person or Signature Customer Service training within months of starting with the company.

4. An extensive schedule of refresher courses was created to ensure that the training continues to be relevant to experienced employees.

5. Customer focus was identified as one of the company’s five core values and is now linked to many of the company’s key programs and part of all employee evaluations.

6. Counselor Sales Person and Signature Customer Service “language” was integrated into the company’s hiring processes. This effort included revising interview questions to help isolate a candidate’s “problem-solving mindset” rather than focus on specific technical skills. Performance review and measurement systems were also redesigned.

7. By being committed to doing what is best for the customer, employees create solutions that suit the customer rather than fit a ‘package.’
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Dale Wallace - Wolters Kluwer Health
We don’t think of the courses as training – the concepts are a way of life for our employees. They’ve become an integral part of our business process.”
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