AREVA Gains Market Position from a Distant 4th to Number 1.

Training as the Cornerstone of Growth from $250 million to $3.71 billion in 10 years.

The Challenge

In 2001, the AREVA salespeople were consistently being outsold at the executive level because they were unable to make the necessary connections at all levels of management to increase sales and grow market share.

The Solution

In partnering with Strategic Enhancement Group, AREVA accomplished the following results:

1. Developed a training curriculum that allowed salespeople to consciously and intentionally manage their relationship development, discovery processes and approach to advocating solutions.

2. Trained the salespeople to find the right facts and motives of leaders at all levels of the customers’ organizations.

3. Created the 4 year AREVA “Sales and Marketing Academy”.

4. Built a common language that allows the Field Sales Force and Business Development teams to collaborate more effectively.

5. Created a Sales Culture through the successful implementation of sales training. Sales is now part of the core of AREVA’s business structure.

6. Increased Sales with the ability to compete head to head with competitors and win.
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Dr. Andrew Cook - Senior Vice-President, Operational Excellence and Innovation
The training could best be described as Transformative. How else can you explain the change in the sales culture from “Last Chance Position” for those going into sales to those same people becoming Vice-Presidents and Key Account Managers, our sales growth and our increased closing ratio?”
AREVA Results

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