Building Relationship Versatility

In the workplace today, technology and the pace of business have increased the number of people with whom we interact, shortened the time to build relationships, and increased the need to interact effectively. Conflicts and misunderstandings can lead to bad results. A hidden dimension of diversity can unlock productivity, persuasiveness, and better work relationships the dimension of Social Styles). Four styles evenly divide the population; since people work best with (and like) those of their own style, this means 75% of interactions could improve. Versatility is the ability to adapt ones’ behaviors to work more effectively with other Social Styles, in order to earn cooperation, reduce conflicts, be more persuasive, and communicate more effectively with that 75%, regardless of role. This adds up to better business results!

Program Overview

Building Relationship Versatility (i.e. Social Styles)is built around a four-quadrant Social Styles matrix and the vital importance of working effectively with different styles. Participants get feedback on their Social Style, their interpersonal Versatility, and specific Versatility behaviors. They learn how to identify others’ Social Styles and, based on an understanding of their own and others’ styles modify their own behaviors to communicate more easily and effectively with others.

Building Relationship Versatility is a modular, instructor-led program that can be configured to meet your organization’s needs, or presented in the traditional two-day format. The learning experience is enhanced by the newly revised Social Style Profile, a validated multi-rater instrument that identifies each participant’s Social Style and his or her interpersonal Versatility.

Because the program is application based, the skills learned in the modules are practiced and reinforced within the participants' real work environment, allowing them to immediately use this knowledge to develop more effective and productive relationships.

Building Relationship Versatility has six integrated learning modules:

The Business of Versatility establishes the importance of Versatility in personal and professional relationships. It is the ability to adapt ones’ behaviors to successfully communicate with others. Participants learn how to work more effectively with other Social Styles, increasing their effectiveness in order to earn cooperation and reduce conflicts.

Identify Style enables participants to accurately determine others’ Social Styles in order to work more effectively with them.

Reflect on Style Expectations describes the preferences and expectations associated with each of the four styles and how these apply on the job. Participants also learn how others perceive them and the vital importance of exercising their versatility.

Modify Your Behavior helps participants develop Versatility skills that enable them to adapt their behavior to communicate more effectively with each style.

Managing Styles in Conflict identifies predictable response patterns by style at various stages of conflict, and how to deal with these patterns.

Mastering Versatility provides participants the opportunity to practice new skills, and offer means to build better relationships and influence others.

Program Details

Session Length: Two Days

Participants Materials: Participant guide, Social Styles Profile, Versatility Profile, Toolkit, and Job Aid Card

BRV is made up of distinct, yet integrated, core modules delivered in a class room environment or a combination of conventional and electronic delivery, please contact Strategic Enhancement Group, Inc. at (630) 377-4300 or (888) 668-9382.


In most implementations, Strategic Enhancement Group, Inc. will partner with your organization to measure the initial behavioral changes and business results. We have a common interest in making sure that BRV brings the results you seek. We are committed to helping you succeed. And we will work with you to set up measurement systems to help move the desired change forward and sustain the momentum of your implementation.

This offering, like all others from Strategic Enhancement Group, can be customized to reflect you environment and business priorities. Please contact Strategic Enhancement Group, Inc. at (630) 377-4300, (888) 668-9382 outside of IL or Online.

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