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Where Do Successful Salespeople Spend Their Time?

By Ron Schild

Clients often ask me, "Where do successful sales people spend their time?" I think that there are three areas important for long-term success. In this video I share my insights to moving your salespeople to sustainable growth and success.

00:00  Hi, I'm Ron Schild. I often get the question from my clients, "Where do successful salespeople spend their time?" I think there are three areas that are really important for success. The first is to network throughout the customer organization to build as many possible strong relationships as possible. Relationships are the key to being successful. By having relationships with many people could be the key to a long-term agreement or a long-term business relationship with a customer.

00:34  Number two, it is so important to understand the customers business. Our performance consultants help with this and identifying that we need to really understand how our solution, the skills that we are facilitating, are linked directly to the customers business. This is our way of demonstrating value to them and helping them succeed in what's important. The third, which most salespeople do not spend as much time as necessary is understanding the competition.

01:07  I look at sales as a competitive sport and if you don't understand your competitor or have an idea where that competitor might go, you could be in trouble. So learning more about the competitor and understanding their strategy could be an important activity. Three activities, build relationships, understand the customer's business, and identify the strategy of the competition are all activities that will lead to success.

Best of luck and let us know how we can help you achieve more effective training!

Published: October 21, 2015


Ron Schild

Senior Consultant

Ron has spent his entire career in sales, sales management and general management at a major chemical company. His passion for sales and for helping others succeed in sales is clearly apparent in the courses he facilitates for SEG’s clients. He has an instant rapport with the members of his classes because he walked in their shoes. Since 1999 Ron has facilitated and consulted with SEG clients to improve their hiring, selling, and marketing. Ron graduated from the Ohio State University with a B.S. in biology and a minor in chemistry.

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