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How We Have Helped Sales Organizations Drive Business Results

By Susan Hall

In this video, Bob Parks, Susan Hall, Tim Deuitch, and Joane Ramsey discuss how they work with their clients to develop relevant and actionable sales processes to achieve measurable business results.

Bob Parks: 00:01 I know at Strategic Enhancement Group we do an awful lot of work with sales and sales organizations, and I appreciate the fact that the three of you are here today in one place at the same time to share some of your experiences in that sales arena. So, tell us a little bit about how you work with your clients.

Susan Hall: 00:29 I'm very fortunate. I know a lot of us work with technical types of salespeople, individuals who might be engineers or they might have a medical background. It's really rewarding because a lot of times these individuals, they might not have been hired to get into sales or they're not comfortable selling. If you can give them a framework and an understanding for how to bring value, and how to be consultative and solve problems, they run with it because it's about helping their customers. I'm working with one particular client that's a large global organization made of primarily engineers. They were pretty resistant at first when the organization said, "Look, we really need to grow and expand our business," and like many organizations, they're looking at how they can go about doing that. They walked out of the first session feeling, I think really excited about, "Well, this is something that I can do, I can use my expertise in the industry, but in a way that's going to be meaningful to customers." So, we've laid out a whole process for not only developing their skills, but for rewarding, reinforcing, measuring, to support the success ongoing.

Tim Deuitch: 01:48 Absolutely related to your example, Susan, is that I have a number of clients, and one of them in particular in the chemical industry, is one that provides non transactional support, and so forth. They provide very dynamic, complex solutions to their customers. That requires us to deliver and partner with them, to deliver something as relevant as possible. These are longtime salespeople, not grizzled. They're interested, but what we've found is that the more relevant we've made the processes and the approach, and the mindset that we've brought to them, the better. So what does that mean? It means customization. The role plays that we've brought to the training environment are absolutely tight to the very same scenarios they work with and deal with on a day to day basis. When they bring their sales leaders into training sessions, where they talk out loud about how to apply this behavior and this skill set in a situation, and the difference that it makes. So, that relevance has helped them fly.

Bob Parks: 03:00 That's great.

Tim Deuitch: 03:02 Double digit growth year after year, and guess what? They bought in completely.

Joane Ramsey: 03:10 That's wonderful Tim. It's so interesting, because relevancy is so key to what we do, tying things not just to custom work, but also relevant to the strategic initiatives of the business. I have a client in the nuclear business and we've been working with them for the past 18 years. When they first approached us, it was very interesting, they came to us to create a process because they needed to grow their business, their sales from 250 million to 1 billion. The timeframe that they were given was 10 years. Well, they achieved the 1 billion in three years and then they went on in the 10th year mark to achieve 3.7 billion in sales. With most technical people, PHD, scientific people, to your point Susan, they're not necessarily salespeople, but when you put a sales process together that is relevant to them, that can be flexible, that connects, I think it makes a big difference. I also think, the fact that they had leadership that was so involved and cared for what was happening, made such a difference and really transformed their business over a span of 10 years, and they continue on that path of transformation with the organization today. So, it's been really a pleasure to work with them.

Bob Parks: 04:36 It sounds like the key is to have a process, to have a really good sales process, and then you can achieve amazing results. Thank you all.

Published: May 22, 2019

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Learn how we work with clients to develop relevant and actionable sales processes to achieve measurable business results.

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Susan Hall

Vice President - Business Development & Performance Improvement

Susan brings over 20 years of experience working with global markets and organizations, helping them navigate through tough economic challenges while maintaining their margins. Since joining SEG in 1995, she has had the privilege of working with organizations that truly value the development of their employees and recognize the impact their people have on their bottom line results. Susan graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a double major in business management and speech communication. She has also completed course work toward her master's degree at Johns Hopkins University.

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