2020 Public Seminars

Negotiating to Yes (NTY)*

October 19 - 28, 2020 | Virtual



Learn a proven approach for turning face-to-face confrontation into side-by-side problem solving resulting in win-win business agreements that lead to long-term customer relationships.

Why Attend?

Negotiation is an ever-present part of any sales process. It occurs informally throughout the sales process and more formally when specific proposals and agreements are on the table. Effective negotiating protects sales revenue and improves profit margins.

Who Should Attend?

Negotiating to Yes (NTY) is for salespeople who want to retain customer relationships, improve profitability, compete on value rather than price, and enhance how customers perceive their credibility and the value of their capabilities and products.

What Will You Learn?

  • How to achieve mutually satisfying, optimal agreements through an efficient process that strengthens relationships
  • How to avoid letting people problems get in the way of positive negotiations; how to clarify the issues important to each party to avoid any potential barriers to reaching an agreement
  • How to explore all issues and interests and how to find a creative solution that satisfies everyone involved
  • How to ensure that a negotiation either ends in a mutually satisfying agreement for both parties or in an alternative to a negotiated agreement that meets the principled negotiator’s most critical needs
  • How to deal with difficult issues and “dirty tricks” used by others during negotiations in order to get the process back on the right track

Schedule for Four 3-hour instructor-led virtual sessions

  • Session 1 – Monday, October 19th: 1-4 PM CT
  • Session 2 – Wednesday, October 21st: 1-4 PM CT
  • Session 3 – Monday, October 26th: 1-4 PM CT
  • Session 4 – Wednesday, October 28th: 1-4 PM CT
For more information

Please call Bo Smith at (630) 263-9512

* A Wilson Learning Program

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