Over 300% Sales Growth at Packers Chemical in 5 years.

Commitment to a new sales process and language helps sales grow from $17 million to $58 million.

The Challenge

In 2012, Packers Chemical’s 30-person sales force was dispersed across the US and parts of Canada. While communication was always high, each salesperson brought their own skills and experiences to their roles and leaders were frustrated with inconsistent approaches to client engagement. Leadership needed to install a common sales process , language, and skill-set designed to deliver the desired customer experience, the comprehensive solutions inherent to their market, and to achieve their growth targets.

The Solution

In partnering with Strategic Enhancement Group, Packers Chemical implemented the following:

1. Built a foundation of sales skills and language based on Counselor Salesperson (CSP) and Versatile Salesperson (VSP).

2. Developed an 8 week post-training reinforcement process based on their daily challenges.

3. Certified two Packer Subject Matter Experts in CSP and VSP to facilitate classes and day-to-day coaching.

4. Developed a sales process that capitalizes on the CSP skills to handle objections and grow the business.
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Doug Sharp
- President, Packers Chemical
Both Terry and I had been trained at previous employers in Counselor Salesperson (CSP). We felt the time was right to get everyone on the same page, and that a common approach was essential for us to compete well and to meet our growth targets.”
Packers Chemical Results

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