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Resources to Help Businesses Through the COVID-19 Crisis

By Andrea McOwen

At Strategic Enhancement Group we thought you might be wondering…  What are my options for continuing to train our employees and keep them safe during this period of travel restrictions?

We thought we would aggregate some of the content that we have created to help you lead and train while social distancing, shelter-in-place and work from home prevail. Our goal is to provide you with resources for your team to reference when looking for methods to improve mission critical skills.

Some common questions:

1. How do we help our team navigate through this unprecedented time and help them stay positive and productive?   

3 Ways to Help Your Team Stay Productive and Positive through the COVID-19 Crisis

2. Is your organization trying to sort out how to continue to train your talent remotely?

If so, then don’t underestimate the steps needed to ensure a smooth remote training experience both domestically and globally. In Episode 24 of the Strategic Insights Podcast - Virtual Training Best Best Practices, Susan Hall and Janis Lipsitz share best practices and lessons learned when implementing successful Virtual Training for maximum ROI.

3. How do you engage all of the participants and establish ground rules and processes for Virtual Meetings?

Susan Hall, Andrea McOwen and Joane Ramsey share Practical Tips for Leading More Productive Virtual Meetings in this video.

4. How do we get employees to just “get on board”?

Learn about 3 phases all employees go through in What People WANT, and What They Often GET During Times of Change.

5. How do we keep our sales skills sharp?

We have numerous Sales Videos, Podcasts and Posts in the SEG Knowledge Center such as:

Please know the entire SEG Team is here to support you, help you reach your goals, get creative, and to work alongside you to help your employees be the best at what they do for their company.

Contact us with any questions!

Published: April 1, 2020


Andrea McOwen


Andrea has been working at Strategic Enhancement Group since 1992. She is vital in helping the sales consultants craft solutions that are truly customer focused and then helping the client to implement these solutions. She has extensive experience working with our international partners, making it easy to do business with us. Andrea graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a B.S. degree in fashion merchandising/interior design with a minor in business administration. Prior to joining SEG she worked with a merchandise wholesaler in sales and managed a retail home improvement store.

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