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30 Years and a New Website too!

By Bob Parks

Welcome to the New Strategic Enhancement Group website! 2014 is a big year for Strategic Enhancement Group; it is our 30th Anniversary. Since 1984, we have been blessed to have fantastic clients and partners in globally diverse industries. As unique as each business is, there are many shared qualities and challenges, so we built a whole new website focused on sharing what we know and have learned.

When we were planning the new website we took a step back to think about how our clients and potential clients would want to use the website and even did client interviews to understand what was important to them. We listened to the great feedback and built the new website around it. We are very excited about our new look and some new features.

First, our website is mobile friendly and responsive to all screen sizes. You can now read the latest blog post, register for a public seminar or learn about our Performance Enhancing Process from your phone, tablet or desktop. Our clients are mobile and now we are too. Clients wanted to know more about what services Strategic Enhancement Group offered, other programs we could lead and client case studies. Now you can click to any of Our Services, Popular Programs and Success Stories from the side navigation on every page.

Our Blog is also available from every page so that you can read about best practices, lessons learned and business stories. Did you like what you read? Do you have a different perspective? Great! Tell us about it through comments on our blog. You can also share the post through your preferred social network.

You can now learn more about each of our Public Seminars, register and even pay all from a single page. We respect your time and want to make the process as simple as possible. Email confirmation has also been integrated for improved record keeping.

Our final new feature is our monthly newsletter, Strategic Insights. Every month we will be sharing original content that you will be able to use today. We are committed to Enhancing Human Performance to Drive Business Results, so if you have any ideas, questions or comments on what you would like SEG to discuss, please send us an email or contact us. We are committed to your success and want to create the most relevant content possible.

2014 is big year for Strategic Enhancement Group because of our clients. Since 1984, we have had the pleasure to work with over 150,000 people from over 600 companies and organizations in over 33 countries and to all of them we say, “Thank you!” We are passionate about our work and committed  to each client’s goals. We look forward to the next 30 years!

Published: January 3, 2014


Bob Parks

Senior Partner

Bob, one of the founders of Strategic Enhancement Group, has over 40 years of experience in business. Prior to starting Strategic Enhancement Group in 1984, he held sales, sales management, senior management and board of directors’ positions with three international companies. Bob earned his B.S. from the Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland and his M.B.A. from the University of Chicago Executive Program. SEG has consistently been one of Wilson Learning’s top performing and award-winning partners for over two decades. Bob has won both the Crystal Wisdom Award and the Summit Award given by Wilson Learning for outstanding contribution to the culture and growth of Wilson Learning’s agency network. He served as President of the Board of Advisors to Wilson Learning as well as on several charitable organization boards.

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