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In my career as a Professional Development executive, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many outside consulting and training companies. Strategic Enhancement Group stands out as one of the best. It has been a pleasure to work with them for over 4 years at two different companies on various global projects. A few of the things I appreciate most about SEG are their commitment to partnering, the high caliber of experience and expertise of their facilitators and consultants, and their flexibility working within our culture - providing the right resources while meeting our global needs.

Janis Lipsitz | Qlikview

Success Story

They have worked closely with me and my global team on many high profile, high risk projects with our leadership team and our global sales force, each time achieving excellent outcomes. I think this is in large part because they really listen to us, and consistently and generously share their expertise, insight and best practices to help us achieve our business goals.

I truly believe that SEG is committed to our success, and have been very comfortable referring them to my colleagues. I know they will bring the same high standards of service and partnership that I have received over the years.


We have had a very positive, fruitful working relationship with Strategic Enhancement. We expect them to bring best practices and we’re never disappointed. Bob pushes us to think differently. He uses the same CSP principles we teach. He asks great questions then uses our responses to create a solution.

Bruce Michalowski | Global Education Manager

Success Story

In 1986, Strategic Enhancement Group introduced a revolutionary new sales process called Counselor Salesperson (CSP) to ten sales representatives at Nalco Company. Twenty-eight years later, this experiment has grown into an effort that has touched more than 10,000 employees and supports a consulting mindset that helps define the company’s culture.

Nalco’s sales culture has thrived, despite dramatic changes, including major industry consolidations, mergers, changes in ownership, related leadership changes and an intensely competitive market.

Tellabs Operations, INC

Clearly it pays to have the long-standing relationship that we’ve enjoyed over the years with your company. The training activity absolutely ‘hit the mark’ with our North American Sales organization. I was told over and over again by our Account Managers and Sales Directors how impressed they were with the quality of the material and delivery by the instructors. I know it was a difficult task to run four simultaneous/concurrent sessions to get the group size down. Putting it all together and maximizing impact in the two days allowed for delivery was a challenge. You did it and exceeded my expectations, as always! Thank you!

Roger Shope | Vice President of North American Sales


Managers and their salespeople are now able to discuss accounts and the processes, allowing managers to hold the engineers more accountable for their success. Strategic Enhancement Group has taken us to that level. We continue to reinforce; Counselor Salesperson is in our lifeblood now. And it’s what we live for.

Vice President of Sales | Omron

Lancaster Laboratories

Everything Strategic Enhancement does reflects the services they offer. Susan’s approach to sales and service is exceptional. The two are completely intertwined. She’s professional, efficient, collaborative and versatile – all the things we want our employees to model. She’s a living example of what she sells.

Strategic Enhancement helped us align our organizational development initiatives with our values. As a result, the importance of these values has been strengthened.

Beth DiPaolo | Group Leader- Recruiting and Development

BGE Home

Strategic Enhancement definitely ‘walks the talk.’ It’s inspirational to work with an organization that delivers on its promises and follows its own advice.

Vivian Ziegenhein | BGE Home

Flextronics RTS

We view SEG as an important partner in our business’ growth. They know us and understand our industry and the unique way in which we partner with our clients. They listen carefully to our challenges and bring a critical objectivity to the issues we’re facing,” says Garyantes. “SEG is often the first resource that comes to mind, especially when it comes to complex issues and aligning key leaders around a single vision.

Joan Garyantes | Flextronics RTS

Success Story

Flextronics RTS found such a partner in Strategic Enhancement Group (SEG) four years ago when the company was looking for a training resource, says Garyantes. The relationship quickly grew to include working with company leaders to develop a more consultative approach to working with clients. In addition, SEG further helped them transform their culture by creating customized customer relationship and territory management programs, implementing a comprehensive hiring and retention strategy, and facilitating a variety of performance improvement training programs.

Strategic Enhancement helped us align our organizational development initiatives with our values. As a result, the importance of these values has been strengthened.

Beth DiPaolo

Lancaster Laboratories

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