SEG Success Stories

Over the past 30 years we have had the pleasure and honor to work with companies in different industries seeking different goals. We thought that we would share some SEG Success Stories so that you can read how Strategic Enhancement Group has been Enhancing Human Performance to Drive Business Results™ for 30 years.

Sales and Sales Management

AREVA- Training as the Cornerstone of Growth from $250 million to $3.71 billion in 10 years

AREVA Success Story AREVA Success Story (278 KB)

Nalco- Partnership Stands the Test of Time

Nalco Success Story Nalco Success Story (141 KB)

Professional Education Institute

Professional Education Institute Success Story Professional Education Institute Success Story (243 KB)

Quality Chekd Dairies

Quality Chekd Dairies Success Story Quality Chekd Dairies Success Story (187 KB)

Management and Leadership

Omron- This is Our Future

Omron Sales Success Story Omron Sales Success Story (134 KB)

Lancaster Laboratories

Lancaster Laboratories Success Story Lancaster Laboratories Success Story (160 KB)

Fujifilm Graphics Systems

Fujifilm Graphics Systems Success Story Fujifilm Graphics Systems Success Story (305 KB)

Individual Development


Astellas Success Story Astellas Success Story (108 KB)

Strategic Planning and Consulting


Tellabs Success Story Tellabs Success Story (279 KB)

Clearly it pays to have the long-standing relationship that we’ve enjoyed over the years with your company. The training activity absolutely ‘hit the mark’ with our North American Sales organization. I was told over and over again by our Account Managers and Sales Directors how impressed they were with the quality of the material and delivery by the instructors.

Roger Shope

Tellabs Operations, Inc.

A Look Back to Leap Sales Forward in 2018

There’s something about turning that page on the annual calendar. Whether in our personal lives or in business, it’s a perfect time to reflect back on the past year, and also to plan for the new.

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